Gîtes en Clunisois
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Gîtes de Dombine - 71250 La Vineuse France

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By car :

Macon -> Cluny -> Gites de Dombine

A6 : Mâcon Sud exit
At Cluny : get the D 980 to Montceau-lès-Mines. 4km later, turn to the left to get the D 7. Drive down for about 2,5 km. 150 meters before the end of the slope, turn to the left at "Dombine" roadsign.

Charolles -> St Bonnet de Joux -> Gites de Dombine

D 79 (to Mâcon) : after Charolles, get, to the left, the D 983 to St Bonnet de Joux. Once in St Bonnet de Joux village, get, to the right, the RD 7 to Donzy-le-National. At the "Crocaloges" locality, keep going on the RD 7. 2 km after a stream, and right after a path to Matray, get, to the right "Dombines" path.

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Monsieur Bernard Fricaudet - Dombine 71250 La Vineuse - France - mail bernard.fricaudet@orange.fr